Fighting the Urge to Drink and Use Drugs over the Holidays

Eating, drinking and the holidays go together. For people who have problems with drugs and drinking, this makes the holidays a difficult time. Add to that the stress of being with family, and you have a recipe for relapsing into drinking alcohol and using drugs. You can rely on these tips during the holidays to help you resist the temptation.

1. Plan for Success

During the holidays, it’s vital for recovering addicts to reaffirm their intentions every morning. Spending a few minutes reflecting on ways to avoid drinking and using drugs can set you up for success throughout day. Your commitment to sobriety needs to be at the forefront of your thoughts.

2. Rely on Friends to Avoid Drinking and Drugs

If you’re worried that you’ll be tempted by drinking and drugs at a party during the holidays, then bring along a sober friend who can help to reinforce your goal. Make a point of connecting with your friend and the others at the gathering to place less emphasis on drinking.

3. Manage Cravings

Social situations can be particularly difficult for recovering addicts who are avoiding drinking and using drugs. That’s because cravings frequently arise while at a party during the holidays. Scientists suggest that cravings last for about 20 minutes. Distract yourself with conversation, meditation or assisting your host until the urge passes.

4. Bring an Alternative

If you’re going to a bash where there will be drinking, then you’ll benefit from bringing along a favorite, non-alcoholic beverage. Whether it’s sparkling water, juice or soda doesn’t matter. Just make certain it’s something that you enjoy.

5. Deal with Stress

Stress escalates at the holidays, and that can increase the chances of a relapse. Exercise, eat right, sleep well and use relaxation techniques to ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed.

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