Feeling Pressured to Drink with Coworkers?

Maintaining sobriety at work isn’t always easy. In addition to opportunities for drinking at work, there is also pressure when it comes to drinking to fit in. These situations are challenging for people with addiction issues. Even if opportunities for drinking at work are rare, they must still put up with troubling stereotypes and intrusive questions.

When Are People Drinking at Work?

While the whisky-fueled boardroom meeting is out of vogue, plenty of drinking at work opportunities are considered normal. At lunch or dinner meetings and at happy hour, liquor is common. The pressure for drinking to fit in can easily become unbearable when it’s time to close a deal or form a closer partnership.

Maintaining Sobriety at Work

Several strategies can help workers to maintain sobriety at work. When the pressure of drinking to fit in is especially high, it may make sense to order a drink and then ignore it. Other strategies that help people with sobriety at work include using humor to deflect questions or asking a bartender to serve a non-alcoholic beverage in a glass that is typically used for liquor. Ordering a drink in the absence of others may also be helpful.

The Drinking at Work Quandary

People who want to maintain sobriety at work often deal with unfair stereotypes. Maybe others think that the teetotaler among them can’t get the job done or isn’t concerned with fitting in. What they don’t understand is that drinking to fit in is dangerous to some.

Don’t Start Drinking at Work

You can maintain sobriety at work and still get the job done. Find creative ways that don’t involve drinking to fit in. If the pressure of drinking to fit in is truly unbearable, then it may be worth considering a job change. Sobriety is too valuable to jeopardize.

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