Excessive Alcohol Use Among US Men

In honor of Men’s Health Month this June, we are spotlighting issues related to male wellness.

One such problem among men? Alcoholism.

Statistically, men drink to excess more than women. This poses risks to their health and safety as well as to other people’s health and safety. Men engage in risky behavior when they drink excessively and use drugs, including driving erratically, among other dangerous behaviors.

Read more about male alcohol abuse and its related problems.

Men’s Alcoholism: A Growing Problem

CDC Alcohol Use Statistics

The most alarming thing to note is that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 23% of adult men engaged in binge drinking at least 5 times in a month, drinking on average 8 drinks each time they binged.

The Consequences of Excessive Alcohol Use

Excessive alcohol use often results in injuries and death. Men are at higher risk for alcohol-related death and hospitalization. They are also more likely to be involved in fatal motor vehicle crashes. They get into more physical assaults and more likely to commit suicide.

Health Issues Caused by Regular Alcohol Consumption

Men can experience problems with the functionality of their testicles as well as the production of male hormones. They may experience impotence due to excessive alcohol use as well as infertility and a reduction of facial and chest hair.

Cancer is another concern. Excessive alcohol use increases the risk of mouth, liver, colon, throat, and esophagus cancer in men. It’s a risk that many men can avoid by drinking less and refraining from binge drinking altogether.

Alcohol use is a real problem for men and women. It does cause a great deal of harm those who abuse it. Men who drink to get drunk on a regular basis, damage their body, engage in risky and dangerous behavior, become combative and violent, and can even become injured or killed because of their lack of good judgment due to their impaired state.

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