Create a Workplace Environment That Doesn’t Drive Your Employees To Drink

Drinking on the job? Does that actually happen? While the idea of someone tossing back a few “cold ones” or sneaking in some hard liquor in the workplace sounds far fetched, it does happen often. As a business owner, manager or supervisor there are a variety of things you can do to deter your employees from needing to drink on the job.

Gender Diversity

All male workforces have a higher rate of on-the-job drinking when compared to mixed gender workforces. Be aware of staffing issues and attempt to staff with both male and female employees. This natural inhibitor among mixed company will help offset the desire to drink and set the standard for something that is not tolerated.

Workplace Alienation

Jobs that are boring, stressful or isolating contribute to employee drinking. Create opportunities for a variety of shifts, extra breaks and team building opportunities. Give control to employees to make decisions that impact them and the work they are doing. Change the tasks often to increase variety. Guard against any kind of sexual harassment or verbal/physical aggression as this breeds distrusts and isolation.

Reduce Alcohol Availability

Getting alcohol into the workplace can be easy or difficult. Reducing the availability can go a long way in creating an environment that doesn’t enable employees to drink. Not allowing any drinks at workstations or regularly, randomly inspecting them can be helpful. By adding supervision on all shifts, the opportunity to drink is reduced significantly.

Install an Alcohol Policy

Having a policy on alcohol is one thing. Having a policy that your employees know is a different story. Employees will be more likely to abstain from alcohol in the workplace if they know the policy. Consider building in incentives for those who do not drink and team incentives for consecutive days of being drug free. Comp time, flexible schedules, days off, bonuses, salary increases – all could encourage your employees to keep the booze out of the workplace.

Encourage Responsible Drinking

Gathering co-workers at a local pub after work or gathering at an employee’s residence allows people to enjoy social drinking outside of the work context. If employees know they have something to look forward to in celebrating the close of a work week and the start of a weekend – they might be less apt to bring alcohol into their job.

By doing a few simple things within your organization you can create a great environment that doesn’t push your employees to drink. Instead, they’ll be productive, satisfied, social employees who will appreciate the system and structure you put in place.

If you are struggling with employee drug or alcohol abuse, local private screening is available.

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