Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day Sober

If you or your employees are staying sober for St. Patricks Day, it may be a challenge. Like many holidays, St. Patricks Day is used as an excuse to drink. However, there’s no law that says you can’t be sober for this or other celebrations. Use these tips to keep your employees on track for St. Patricks Day.

Go To a Meeting On St. Patricks Day

Sober employees can’t go wrong when they attend a 12 step meeting on St. Patricks Day. The meeting will reinforce their decision not to drink, and they’ll set a motivating example for others who are struggling to remain sober.

Have a Sober Irish Film Festival

Irish cinema has a long, rich history, and there are tons of movies that are set in Ireland. Invite some friends over to enjoy a couple of movies, making certain that your guests are aware that there will be no alcohol or drugs at this celebration. Sometimes, a quiet night in is what employees need to stay sober.

Decline Invitations

St. Patricks Day parties that you know will be held at a bar or that will involve alcohol are inevitable. When you receive an invitation to such an event, you don’t necessarily have to share that you’re trying to stay sober. Just say that you have other plans, politely declining the invitation.

Host a Sober Party

Drugs and alcohol aren’t required for a great party. Employees, family, and friends will all have a wonderful time dining on corned beef and cabbage and listening to Irish music. Add some board games and charades into the mix for some extra fun.

The key to a sober St. Patricks Day may be starting a new tradition. Use these tips to spark your imagination for entertaining family, friends, and employees on the holiday. Test Smartly Labs nationwide provides confidential and reliable drug testing.  Contact your nearest location to learn more about our services.

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