Bad Idea: Kegerators in your Workplace

Just about anyone who spent as much time with PBR or Natty Lite in college as they did with essays and projects probably knows about this little thing called a kegerator. Essentially, it works like a beer drinking fountain. Inside of the kegerator is a compartment where you can house barrels (or kegs) of beer, and then it comes complete with a spout for easy access. For restaurants (especially classy ones) – it’s great. Even for residential parties and such, power to the kegerator! However, for the workplace, we’d beg that it’s not a good idea. Not even close.

Kegerator at home? Go for it. Kegerator at Work? Bad Idea.

Beer on tap at work?

Okay – to give the benefit of the doubt – we do understand the idea somewhat. In some office settings, we get how this might be an appealing thing. Especially in swanky offices that host clients and parties. Not only could a kegerator be seen as a convenience, but more than likely, it can become a showpiece. After all, not everything from college goes away when you graduate. And bragging rights to a kegerator is definitely in the list with the “Freshman 15” when it comes to things we pick up at college and don’t seem to get rid of for awhile. However, before you sign on the dotted line and install one in your office, we’d encourage you to think twice. And if you still want to go forward with it – think twice again.

Why Beer at Work Isn’t a Good Idea

Whether you lean more toward the white collar or blue collar side of things, in the end, alcohol can be detrimental to your workplace no matter how you look at it. Sure, we understand that some companies will even install kegerators in your workplace, complete with an iPad app that keeps track of how much each employee drinks. And while you might think that’s so cool and will be a good stress reliever for employees, in actuality, it can very likely reap havoc on you. And your clients. And your business.

While you hook up a “beer fountain” at work to appear cool or hip, just think of the endless possibilities that could come from it outside of your boosted ego or employees’ pleasure:

  • A client calls, your employee cannot take the call because they’re at the kegerator. Then you try to explain that one.
  • Your employee does take the call (after drinking) and doesn’t provide optimal service, causing you to lose the client or have to do major damage control.
  • Your employee can’t make the meetings or can’t do their jobs because they can’t drive … because of the booze you gave them.
  • Your employee decides they really like beer, and keep drinking more and more and more at home.
  • Your employee decides because you’re so “cool” and relaxed with rules, they’ll just come in late and/or leave a little early. After all, you’re the boss who brought in the kegerator. You’ll be cool with it.
  • Your employee abuses the kegerator. Now you have to deal with issues of alcohol abuse in addition to performance and job-related duties.

And those are just a few scenarios….

Check, Please.

Beer at work isn’t a good idea, and especially beer freely flowing from a fountain. We won’t beat around the bush here: just don’t install a kegerator at work. Save yourself the liability and risks and if you and your employees need a drink that badly, go have ONE down the street.

Learn more about why we’re against alcohol in the workplace.

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