5 Ways to Stay Sober this Summer

Summer proves to be difficult for alcoholics because everyone around them chooses to celebrate the warmer weather months with alcohol. It takes extra effort to refrain from alcohol abuse and remain sober when family and friends choose to drink when you’re with them.

Rather than make a mistake that you’ll soon regret by blowing your sobriety, follow the advice listed here and stay sober this summer!

Staying Sober this Summer

Although it may be tempting to join in a party or celebration in the summer months, instead, remain sober these five ways:

1. Avoid events where it’s announced that alcohol is being served.

If your family or friends get insulted by your absence, it’s time to talk to them about how important it is for you to remain sober. If they want to spend time with you, schedule time outside of the event to get together so you’re not surrounded by alcohol abuse.

2. Keep going to meetings and reaching out to sober partners.

Keep in touch with people who know how hard staying sober is after years of alcohol abuse. Don’t stray from your recovery routine. If you travel for vacation, see if there is an AA group in the area or someone you can reach out to while you’re away from home.

3. Don’t let stress get the best of you.

When you’re stressed out, you do all sorts of things out of character like drink after months or years of being sober. Find activities to do that keep your mind clear and keep you from turning to alcohol. Alcohol abuse is a serious subject that requires your undivided attention at all times.

4. Surround yourself with other people who value sobriety.

They will keep you accountable and you will do the same for them. It’s pretty empowering to know that together, you can conquer alcohol abuse.

5. Check in with yourself often.

Find out why you feel the way you do. Talk to a trusted friend or counselor. Keep a journal. Find something else to do when you’re down.

The key to staying sober is not allowing yourself the opportunity to drink. If you feel the urge to be the type of person that lets alcohol abuse run their life, don’t be alone with that feeling. Find someone to hang out with or talk to that understands your situation.

There are a number of ways to stay sober this summer. Do what you can to enjoy the warmer weather. Don’t, however, make it an excuse to drink after spending time recovering from alcohol abuse. You earned your sobriety, now make it your priority.

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