5 Tips for Staying Sober on Halloween

If you want to spend Halloween sober, it’s important to plan. People who deal with drug abuse and alcohol abuse issues can’t afford to leave things to chance. Use these tips to spend Halloween sober.

1. Host a Movie Night Without Drug Abuse

If you want to spend Halloween sober, then you may avoid a relapse into alcohol abuse by staying home. Make it a festive by renting horror movies. Grab the popcorn and friends who are also in drug abuse recovery to make a night of it.

2. Go To a Meeting or Find a Sober Event to Prevent Alcohol Abuse

Twelve-step meetings are easy to find on holidays. Going to a meeting will help you reaffirm your commitment to drug abuse and alcohol abuse recovery. You may also attend a Halloween sober party.

3. Take on a Project

If you’ve been putting off cleaning out the pantry or repairing that squeaky door, now is your chance to tackle it. Whether you do a home improvement project or engage in a hobby, you’ll be less tempted to relapse into alcohol abuse or drug abuse when you’re being productive.

4. Get Into the Spirit

The highlight of spending Halloween sober could be handing out candy. Wear a costume, and be sure to interact with kids. Decorate your front yard to make it especially festive, then set yourself up on the porch with cider and donuts. You’ll meet lots of people, and you’ll ease your fears of a drug abuse or alcohol abuse relapse.

5. Take a Trip

Maybe the best way to spend Halloween sober is by taking a short road trip. Choose an out-of-the-way inn or take the RV camping to get away from the holiday craziness.

With these five tips, you’ll find it easy to enjoy Halloween sober.

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