5 Tips For Resolving To Become Sober in 2017

If it’s your goal to get sober in 2017, then you need a plan. Simply resolving to stay away from alcohol isn’t enough. Plus, you’re much more likely to achieve your sober goal when you define the steps that will get you there. Use these tips to help you be sober in the New Year. 

1. Replace Bad Habits With Sober Ones

If you’ve been drinking alcohol for years, then it’s a habit. Begin your journey to a sober New Year by preparing to replace this habit. Identify the events, places and people that trigger you to drink, then look for ways to avoid or change them. Your could hang out at the gym instead of the bar.

2. Get Physical

Your sober goal can help you conquer a physical challenge. You might start training for a 5k or a triathlon. Maybe you’ll take up golf and play a charity tournament. Regardless, your goal will help you replace alcohol with a positive, healthy activity that gives you focus.

3. List Your Reasons For Being Sober

When you’re having a difficult time avoiding alcohol, it helps to remember why you wanted to get sober in the first place. Keep the list on your smart phone or in your pocket at all times.

4. Use Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an incredibly useful technique that helps people to be aware of the current state of their thoughts and emotions. The more mindful you are, the better able you’ll be to break the alcohol habit.

5. Contingency Planning

Things don’t always go the way we want them to. This means that you must be prepared for an impromptu party or other social gathering where alcohol will be served. Be ready to tell people that you’re on an alcohol-free challenge, and have a delicious mocktail in mind.

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