4 Facts About Addiction You Might Not Believe

Addiction is a serious problem in the United States today, threatening sober workplaces everywhere. 60% of the illegal drugs worldwide are used by Americans.  Today Test Smartly Labs wants to help dispel some of the myths about addiction to help you get the information you need to protect yourself and your employees.

Do You Know These Facts About Addiction?

Drug addiction in the workplace

1. Drug and alcohol addiction is a brain disease.

Many people think that drug and alcohol addiction happens to someone because they lack willpower or they don’t have enough moral character. The truth is that taking drugs and alcohol changes the way that the brain functions. These changes alter the person’s ability to control his behavior.

2. People with who take drugs are usually employed.

Most people who use drugs are members of the workforce. 74.8% of drug users have jobs and are actively working. Given the startling prevalence of drug use in America, this means that a large portion of the workforce uses drugs. Even more startling is the fact that drug use is higher among people in dangerous professions, like coal mining. This might be attributed to the desire to escape from daily work stresses.

3. Drug addiction is a massive financial burden.

Studies show that the average drug user spends around $200 per day on his habit. If the person is resorting to stealing to support his habit, he’ll have to acquire around $1000 worth of stolen merchandise to fetch the $200. This is a crippling financial burden on someone who is already struggling with a potentially debilitating brain disease.

4. Not all illegal drug use is street drug use.

Not everyone who uses illegal drugs is using what we traditionally consider to be street drugs, like heroin. Prescription drug use is becoming a growing threat, with prescription drug use rates among young people comparable to marijuana use. Many people believe that because prescription drugs are legal with a physician’s orders that they are legal without. This is false. Illicit prescription drug use is dangerous and illegal.

Combat the Dangers of Workplace Addiction With Test Smartly Labs

Test Smartly Labs¬†wants you to have all of the important truths about addiction. Having employees struggling with addiction in the workplace is a threat to the safety and profitability of your company. Drug and alcohol testing remains one of the best ways you can protect your workforce from addiction. If you’re ready to learn more about our workplace drug and alcohol testing services, visit your nearest Test Smartly Labs today!

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