Stress & Substance Abuse Triggers: Tips & Tools for Success

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Addicts, like everyone else, deal with stress. The problem, however, is that people who abuse substances take things to the extreme. What one person views as a pebble on the road of life becomes a boulder for the addict. Some situations put the addict at risk to turn to drugs or alcohol.

10 Common High-Risk Situations for Addicts

  1. Being in situations or around people who remind them of past drug and alcohol use.
  2. Substituting mind-altering substances other than the drug of choice.
  3. Being bored, angry, lonely, angry or tired and dwelling on mistakes of the past.
  4. Romanticizing about the “good times” getting high or drunk.
  5. Severe stress at work or at home.
  6. Doubts setting in and the idea that the addict can have just one drink.
  7. Exhaustion or fatigue.
  8. Sel-pity and feeling fosrry for yourself with things don’t go your way according to your time-table.
  9. Addictive behavior in other areas like overeating or compulsive gambling.
  10. Having a lot of cash on hand.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Here’s how to deal with stress:

Tips for Dealing with High-Risk Situations

  1. Plan ahead and have structure and routine in your life.
  2. Get out of a dangerous situation as soon as you recognize it.
  3. Avoid high-risk places li ke parties and bars. Don’t test yourself.
  4. Do not keep in contact with people you used with in the past.
  5. Be honest about your cravings with other people.
  6. Have at least five phone numbers of people who support you in sobriety.
  7. Develop a sober support group for when you face high-risk situations.
  8. Have an escape plan and alternative activities in mind for when plans fall through or people flake.
  9. Know your personal relapse triggers and situations that are dangerous for you.
  10. Think positive thoughts. Go to meetings. Do everything you can to stay clean.

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